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Subtle Energy Techniques

By: Cyndi Dale
Series: Cyndi Dale's Essential Energy Library #1
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738751610
English  |  288 pages | 5 x 7 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2017
Price: $14.99 US,  $17.50 CAN
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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

List of Exercises xiii
List of Figures xv
Disclaimer xvii
Introduction 1

Chapter One: The Energy of All Essential Þractices 13
Everything Is Energy: What This Means for You 15
Subtle and Physical Energies: Why "Go Subtle?" 20
The Chakras: Vehicles for Transformation 27
Your Chakras' Main Partners: The Auric Layers 39

Chapter Two: Of Intuition and Sources: Getting Ready for Energy Work 43
Intuition: Your "Internet Access" 44
Sources, Sources, and More Sources 48
Types of Sources 53
Energetic Attachments: Harmful Bindings 56

Chapter Three: The Spirit-to-Spirit Technique 63
What Can Spirit-to-Spirit Accomplish? 65
The Three Steps of Spirit-to-Spirit 68
An Example of Spirit-to-Spirit 70
Performing an Affirmation 73
Additional Insights and Scenarios: Interactive Spirit-to-Spirit 80
Additional Insights and Scenarios: Personal Focus 89

Chapter Four: Healing Streams of Grace 95
What Are Healing Streams of Grace? 98
How Do Healing Streams of Grace Work? 102
An Example of a Universal Stream of Grace 107
What Do Healing Streams of Grace Look, Feel, and Sound Like? 108
Additional Insights and Scenarios: Customizing the Universal Healing Streams of Grace 111
Background on Personal Healing Streams of Grace 130
Special Instructional: Teaching Healing Streams of Grace to Children 135

Chapter Five: Transformation Through the Elements 139
The Three Levels of Elemental Interactions 142
The Specialities of the Elements 148

Chapter Six: The Light Wand: Directing Light with a Finger 169
Understanding Healing Through the Hands and Fingers 171
Background Information: Elemental Magic with the Light Wand 182

Chapter Seven: In-Body Journeying 187
What Is Journeying? 188
The Problem with Out-of-Body Journeying 190

Chapter Eight: The Three Soul Records 197
The Three Records of the Soul 198
The Akashic Records: Past, Present, and Future 199
The Shadow Records: Regrets and Resentments 205
The Book of Life: "God’s Eyeglasses" 208

Chapter Nine: Trauma Recovery 217
What Is Trauma?: The Many Faces of Dismay 218
The Relationship of Subtle Energy to Trauma: A Matter of Force 222
The Path of Trauma: The Factors Involved 225
Trauma and the Wounded Self 227

Chapter Ten: The Four Zones of the Soul 237
The Four Soul Zones 238

Conclusion 251

Appendix: The Essential Energy Work Techniques 255

Bibliography 257

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