Event:  Book Review by Mad Diviner

"I recommend Phoenix LeFae's new book, What is Remembered Lives, for those beginning spiritwork, regardless of path or tradition. LeFae explores the practicalities of developing intense relationships with the unseen, but more importantly, contextualizes these relationships and spurs readers to consider larger questions... So many witchcraft books skate over such issues in favor of focusing on ritual, so it was quite a treat to read LeFae's musings on those topics." Read more of Mad Diviner's review here.

Date: From 10/14/2019 to 10/14/2020
Website: https://www.maddiviner.com/post/188107850618/book-review-what-is-remembered-lives-by

About Phoenix LeFae

Phoenix LeFae (Sebastopol, CA) is a professional reader, rootworker, teacher, and ritualist. She has been practicing witchcraft for twenty-five years, and her teachings are connected to the Reclaiming Tradition, Druidry, and ...

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