Event:  New Spirit Journal Feature

"There are four basic types of intuition, and we each enjoy innate access to at least one of them. Read through the four intuitive styles described below to decipher, which resonates and seems most natural to you. Then commit to following the simple, corresponding exercise to develop that ability." Read the full article here.

Date: From 09/17/2020 to 10/17/2020
Location: The New Spirit Journal
Website: http://www.newspiritjournalonline.com/using-your-intuition-to-make-safe-and-effective-decisions-during-the-new-reality-and-beyond

About Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale (Minneapolis, MN) is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant. She is president of Life Systems Services, through which she has conducted over 65,000 client sessions and ...