Author Of Life Ritualized

Event:  Interview on Get Over It! with Monique Chapman

Phoenix Lefae and Gwion Raven chat with the host about their new book Life Ritualized. 

Date: 11/08/2021
Location: Get Over It! with Monique Chapman

About Phoenix LeFae

Phoenix LeFae (Sebastopol, CA) is a professional reader, rootworker, teacher, and ritualist. She has been practicing witchcraft for almost thirty years, and her teachings are connected to the Reclaiming Tradition, Druidry, ...

About Gwion Raven

Gwion Raven is a tattooed Pagan, writer, traveler, musician, cook, kitchen witch, occult shop owner, and teacher. Although initiated in three magickal traditions, Gwion describes his practice as virtually anything that ...

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