Author Of Werewolf Magick

Event:  Episode 59: Halloween Special “Werewolf Magick” with Denny Sargent

Werewolf lore goes back before recorded history and has been a part of all human cultures throughout time. Joining the hosts of Cryptic Chronicles Podcast and author Denny Sargent to talk about his book Werewolf Magick and look into the deeperaspects of the collective unconscious and how our ancestral memories still influence us on a primal level. So look out for vampires, werewolves, and the most dangerous threat, TOO MUCH CANDY, and enjoy Halloween to the fullest! Oh, and also Ashley joins them for the first time from behind the scenes (even though she is quiet).

Date: From 10/31/2021 to 10/31/2022
Location: Cryptic Chronicles Podcast

About Denny Sargent

Denny Sargent is a writer, artist, and university instructor who has a master's degree in history/intercultural communications. He has been involved in a number of esoteric traditions and groups, including Welsh Traditional ...

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