Event:  AGF 87 - Paganism for Prisoners

Jim and Sarenth interview Awyn Dawn about her new book Paganism for Prisoners. While incarcerated for her struggles with drug addiction, Awyn Dawn began to actively look for her spiritual side?and she found it in Paganism. By developing a profound relationship with the gods, Awyn gained greater clarity and a deep sense of peace. You can too with help from this empowering guide to starting and strengthening your spiritual practice.

Date: From 03/09/2022 to 03/09/2023
Location: Around Grandfather Fire
United States
Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNagja4sVd4

About Awyn Dawn

Awyn Dawn (Denver, CO) is a Pagan High Priestess who has been working with spiritual seekers for nearly ten years. After being incarcerated and overcoming her own life challenges, Awyn dedicated herself to the Pagan path and ...

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