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Event:  Shadow Work Beginnings

The old hermetic tradition of "self-criticism" has metamorphosed into the newer concept of shadow work. What are shadows, and how do we recognize the very things about ourselves we can't see, or worse, don't want to acknowledge? After exploring why this matters in magickal practice, especially spirit work, this class sets forth one process for nourishing the necessary self-awareness to identify shadows born of trauma, self-protection, and pride.

Using guided journal prompts and an understanding of heuristics (what our back and front brains might happen to be doing), we will bring to light some of our biases, some of our fears, and how runaway ego sneaks into the strangest of places. From there, the class then works with the personification of their own shadow to develop a plan to understand, accept and integrate these aspects into the whole of the spiritual being.

Date: 08/18/2022
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

About Diana Rajchel

Diana Rajchel began her career planning to serve as clergy and write about all subjects spiritual. It did not occur to her or anyone else to say with what agency she might assume priesthood. The result of this oversight in ...

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