Event:  ep. 33 Interview with Tarot Reader Jenna Matlin

In this week’s episode, host Melissa had the privilege of chatting with Jenna Matlin, professional tarot reader and author, about her brand-new book Will You Give Me a Reading? Jenna and Melissa discussed tarot philosophy, finding confidence in your readings, self-care for helpers, and so much more. Jenna even did an impromptu tarot reading for Melissa, which was such a delight! But first, as always, they began with a tarot reading for the collective, done by Jenna herself. 

Date: From 12/27/2022 to 12/27/2023
Location: The Expansive Astrology Podcast
United States
Website: https://anchor.fm/expansiveastrology/episodes/ep--33-Interview-with-Tarot-Reader-Jenna-Matlin-e1sok32

About Jenna Matlin

Jenna Matlin is a clairvoyant medium who has been reading tarot since 1990. She is a full-time psychic reader and was named best spiritual guru by Philadelphia Magazine in 2019. She has read for thousands of people, both ...

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