An Interview with Cyndi Dale

1. Your previous books (such as Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras and Awaken Clairvoyant Energy) have focused on personal healing through our energy centers. What inspired you to switch your focus to animals with your new book, Energy Wellness for Your Pet?

Most of us see our pets as family members—I certainly do. At one point, I was a single mother with three children (one was a foster child) and five pets. Every pet, to include two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, and a bunny rabbit, were co-equal contributors to the family. Each had a distinct personality and style of communicating. During that time period, I learned how to relate to each of their individual souls and needs.

Since then, I've worked frequently with my clients' pets. The species represented have been far-ranging, including snakes, spiders, turtles, ferrets, horses, and more. I've become firmly convinced that pets need energy healing as much as do people.

The subtle practices I've offered to people are equally valid when applied to pets. Like people, pets have souls. As such, they reflect karma, or issues to work through, as well as dharma, or spiritual purpose. And as with humans, they also have chakras and auric fields, which can be accessed for healing and communication purposes, and require energetic boundaries. Of course, pets' energies and purpose will differ slightly from those in humans, and pets vary species to species. Because of this, I wrote a book devoted to help readers—pet lovers—negotiate the world of subtle energy.

One of the most important reasons we must tap into the subtle side of reality for pets is that they often take on and reflect our own issues. I remember one time when both my current dog companions had major digestive issues. I realized that I hadn't been eating on the healthy side of the street and they were mirroring that. I cleaned up my diet and their challenges cleared up. Of course, I also made sure to improve their diets as well!

Bottom-line, when we assist our pets, we benefit ourselves, and vice versa.

2. Is it really possible for us to heal our pets—emotionally, spiritually, and physically—through energy healing?

Absolutely! Pets are spiritual beings and also have material bodies, which means they require a holistic approach to their health and happiness in the same way as people. The main types of pets—reptiles, aquatics, birds, amphibians, arthropods, rodents, and mammals—differ in the complexity, however, and so each category requires a slightly different approach when applying energy healing concepts and practices.

In Energy Wellness for Your Pet, I explore the commonalities of all pets, in terms of their subtle bodies and systems, and well as their minor differences as per pet category. I reveal how to intuitively communicate with a pet and best respond to what's occurring with it, and even how to gently help it pass over when it's time. And, as with people, I believe we must also use allopathic medicine when needed. After all, there are two types of energy: subtle and physical. Energy healing doesn't preclude the use of a veterinarian; rather, it complements standard care.

3. Do readers need to have previous knowledge of energy healing to use the techniques in Energy Wellness for Your Pet?

No, they don't. In fact, they don't need any background in energy healing to benefit from Energy Wellness for Your Pet. I outline simple yet important concepts in such a way that anyone from a "newbie" in energetics to someone who enjoys advanced knowledge can benefit themselves and their pets.

I also think the book is really fun to interact with. Included are quizzes, hands-on processes, and a lot of easy ways to work together with our pets both practically and intuitively. This book is jam-packed with usable processes that will help you truly enjoy your pet-personal relationship.

4. It is often noted that pets are able to heal us, through the frequency of a cat's purr or a dog's ability to sense a medical emergency. Do we receive a benefit as well when we use energy healing for our pets?

Because of our bond, when we send energy healing to a pet, we inevitably receive the same energy for ourselves. If we help them clear up an issue, a related challenge releases in us. The nature of the pet-human bond is such that by helping our pet, we assist ourselves.

For some individuals, their pets play a very distinct role. Examples include therapy or support animals. As your question notes, some people rely on their pets to let them know when they need medical care. Even if the therapeutic relationship isn't formal, however, a pet can be part of our support system.

For instance, my youngest son was having a hard day. As soon as he came in the house, Honey the Golden Retriever started whining and jumped up to look in his face, giving him kisses. Honey is not a jumper, but he knew that my son needed some quick care. My son immediately smiled. When I was growing up, we had a parakeet named Peppy. Peppy could undo his cage and fly around the room. He inevitably ended up on the shoulder of whomever needed the most loving attention.

5. What do you hope your readers will take away from Energy Wellness for Your Pet?

I want them to feel even more excited about their pet-human bond than they already do, and empowered to use subtle concepts and techniques to assist this connection. Performing energy healing, to include intuitive pet communication, isn't hard. We are made of subtle energies, as are our pets. The ideas and processes in this book are actually instinctual and natural. The book will simply make readers' inner knowledge more accessible.

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