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The Astral Excursion Procedure

Introduction. The retrieval of past-life experiences may include extended psychic perceptions augmenting observation and understanding of events. A comfortable, reclining position in a setting with indirect lighting and free of distractions is recommended for Astral Excursion; it requires approximately one hour during which there must be no interruptions. Here is the procedure:

Step 1. Invocation. The purpose of this step is to call forth the empowering presence of ministering spirit guides. The simple affirmation, "I am empowered by the presence of ministering guides throughout this experience," is usually sufficient to assure higher plane support and guidance for the duration the procedure.

Step 2. Out-of-body Induction with Astral Polarization. Out-of-body induction for this procedure begins by generating a focused mental state through imagery of a surrounding space filled with light, but devoid of color, shapes, or movement. A procedure called astral polarization is then used to induce astral projection. Polarization is initiated by a physical and mental clearing exercise that sets the stage for astral projection. Imagery of the physical body as like a sponge soaking in relaxation is recommended for physical clearing, while envisioning the astral body as a tranquil energy form, filled with light, is recommended for mental clearing.

As relaxation and tranquility deepen, the physical body becomes progressively heavy with relaxation, while the astral body becomes increasingly buoyant with tranquility. The result is the polarization of the astral and biological bodies, and a slow separation of the two. Allow adequate time for the polarization and separation process to be completed, and for awareness of the out-of-body state to fully emerge.

Step 3. Astral Excursion. With astral/biological polarization and disengagement now complete, you are ready to initiate Astral Excursion. The procedure begins by recognizing the presence of ministering guides, followed by spontaneously scanning your existence, from your earliest pre-incarnate beginnings to the present. Envision the scope of your existence as your personal cosmos, a sort of miniature universe. As you view that universe, notice its extensive structure of celestial bodies. Notice the scattered orbs of light, connected by a continuous line of light, against a background of cosmic space. Let your psychic faculties contribute to the spontaneous unfolding of your unique personal cosmos.

The orbs and their connecting lines are highly significant components of your personal cosmos. Each orb of light represents a past life, and each connecting segment of light between the orbs represents a discarnate interval between lives. The arrangement in spatial distance of the orbs and lines represents the chronological order of your past lives and the intervals between them, with the most distant orb representing your first incarnation, and nearest orb representing your most recent incarnation. The orbs and their connecting lines reflect the continuity and permanence of your existence as a conscious, evolving entity. The line of light reaching beyond the most distant orb and stretching into infinity represents your pre-incarnate existence in the universe. Together, these elements and their arrangement form a complete cosmic map of your voyage through time.

Certain characteristics of your cosmic orbs and their connecting lines are critical, because they provide important guidelines for understanding your personal cosmos. The current relevance of each orb or line is gauged by its brightness—the brighter the line or orb, the greater its significance and current growth potential. The size of the orbs and the length of the lines connecting them are measurements of time; the larger the orb, the greater the span of incarnation, and the longer the line, the greater the discarnate interval. On average, long lifetimes are followed by long after-life intervals—typically the result of more discarnate time being required to exhaust the growth resources accumulated over a long lifetime. It would follow that a long lifetime characterized by worthy endeavors would gather abundant growth resources that would require an exceptionally long after-life interval. Quantity, as measured by time, however, does not always signify quality. Occasionally, a very small orb will appear intensely brilliant, an indication that a relative brief lifetime was profoundly significant and continues to possess important growth resources. Likewise, a short but bright line between two orbs reflects a very brief but highly significant growth interval between lifetimes. The brightness of your orbs and lines also reflects your present readiness to accommodate their inventory of resources, with the brighter the points or lines, the greater your readiness to probe them and access their growth potentials.

As you view your cosmic map, you will probably note that bright orbs are usually followed by bright lines. This pattern suggests that significant growth during a given lifetime is typically followed by significant growth in the discarnate interval after that lifetime.

The shape of the lines, aside from their brightness and length, also signifies certain important discarnate growth patterns. Lines that are smooth and straight indicate harmony and security, whereas lines that are rugged and jagged suggest upheaval and turbulence. Lines that turn sharply or climb rapidly reflect important changes in developmental direction, or a crucial testing of endurance. These irregular patterns typically follow several sheltered lifetimes of smooth, even development. But rather than slowing or disrupting our progress, these irregularities actually accelerate our growth. They focus on our specific developmental needs and flex our adaptive muscles. Equally as important, they increase our tolerance for change and empower us to cope with adversity.

As you scan the universe of your past, your attention will probably be drawn first to intensely bright orbs and lines, even though they may appear far away in cosmic life-space. By simply viewing your personal universe and scanning it from a distance, you can spontaneously activate the force fields of particular points and lines. You can then consciously interact with your personal universe. Accompanied by your ministering guides, you will find yourself drawn to the point or line that is relevant for you at the moment. Upon merging with it, you will experience the empowering value of that point or segment of your past. Typically, the past experience unfolds as a detailed projection or a re-enactment, with the degree of your involvement in the experience determined by your own choice and the discretion of your ministering guides.

Step 4. Conclusion. To initiate the out-of-body return, shift your attention away from the excursion experience and to your physical body and its surroundings. The affirmation, "I am now ready to end excursion and re-engage my physical body," is usually sufficient to activate a smooth biological/astral re-engagement. Occasionally, the return will be initiated by a ministering entity, who guides attention away from the excursion experience and into the present. Excursion is concluded by reviewing the experience and further exploring its relevance.

Summary of Purpose & User Benefits: Astral Excursion can encompass a complete given lifetime, surveying it from its beginning to its end, or it can selectively examine only a critical fragment of a particular lifetime. It can study life-between-lives in the afterlife realm, to include defining experiences with ministering guides. Astral Excursion often re-engages a past discarnate interaction that results in a wondrous renewal of the spirit, or a totally new flash of empowering insight. Previously unheeded experiences can be uncovered and their empowering potential activated

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