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Term: Ablanathanalba

A charm of the Gnostics, written in the form of a triangle with one point down. It was used to protect against the forces of evil. Although it doesn’t show well in English because the “th” was originally one letter, it is actually a palindrome, written the same way forward and backward. Traditionally, it would be written from ink derived from the dried acorn cups of the Valonia oak, a majestic, semi-evergreen (the leaves thin from October until January) native to the eastern side of the Mediterranean. It was written as follows on a piece of parchment: A B L A N A T H A N A L B A B L A N A T H A N A L B L A N A T H A N A L A N A T H A N A N A T H A N A T H A T H This is similar in design to the use of the more famous word of power, Abracadabra.