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Term: Alphaism

In the GBG magickal order, Alphaism means first or beginning because alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Alphaism was the beginning of the GBG instruction on Sex Magick. Alphaism simply means no sexual intercourse. Erotic thoughts of imaginations should not even be entertained in the mind during the one or two months that the practice was required. Instead of sex, the Alphaist member was to begin with the first verse of the first chapter of The Book of the Law, and take one sentence every day, in sequence, and meditate/concentrate on that sentence for at least an uninterrupted fifteen minutes one or more times daily. "Beware against making an intellectual study of this book. This is a very cryptic book, and is beyond intellectual rationalization. Get what you are capable of getting by inspired meditation." Concentration is defined as: "Close mental application or exclusive attention." The mental activity is confined to a definite point. When one visualizes tracing a pentagram in green light, one must really concentrate in order to make it subjectively real. Note that it is not mere physical chastity that is of value, but rather that one should reserve sexual interest and imagination for the time of actual sexual congrex and its preparation. The goal of Alphaism is discipline, strengthening our self-control over body and emotion so that we can engage in prolonged sex. It is more of what is called “Tantric Sex” today. Alphaism should be considered immediately in contest with Dianism, which see, below along with the articles on the Borderland and Congrex.