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Term: Bhagasana


A yogic posture that helps tone up the muscles of the pelvis and lower abdomen while stretching the thighs. To achieve this posture, sit on the ground and bend the knees, allowing them to move to the sides. Put your heels together and pull them as close to the groin as comfortably possible. It is believed that this pose can also help with sexual problems.

The secret meaning of this term involves maithuna, sacred intercourse. While in the traditional yab-yum position, it is impossible for the male to thrust, limiting sexual stimulation and causing lack of tumescence. However, a female can work her internal muscles, allowing the male to stay erect. See Pompour.

AUTHOR:  Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson
SOURCE:  Great Sex Made Simple, Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson (Llewellyn Publications)