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Term: Choronzon Club


Also known as the C∴C∴, it appears to have been a magical group active in Chicago as early as 1931 and at least as recently as 1979. Exactly what it was, or is, is confusing and probably of no pertinence to our study here. According to the occult scholar P. R. Koenig, in 1933 a small group of homosexual men split off from C. F. Russell's original group in order to practice Crowley’s XI°. It was led in recent history by Michael P. Bertiaux teaching Haitian Voodoo and O∴T∴O∴  magic. 

Unfortunately, the study of Western magical philosophy is often obscured by the number of secret orders cast on Masonic models that claim to teach true magic. At least in some instances these are successful business operations and in some other cases provide opportunities to indulge the vanities of members who adore dressing in expensive robes and addressing each other by their secret names. Most of their magical teachings of value were derived from the serious work of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Aurum Solis. These teachings were long ago made available in book form. Experience demonstrates that the study and practice of magic is as suitable to the solitary person as to group membership. 

AUTHOR:  Carl Llewellyn Weschcke