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Term: Circuit

A concept based on the idea of an electrical circuit, which must be complete for a device on the circuit to function. That is, there must be a source of electrical energy, the device to be powered, and then a ground, usually associated with or near the source. This is translated to psychic or magickal energy, where some hold that there must also be a completed circuit to be effective. Thus, when you are sending healing energy to someone, you are the source, the person to be healed is the “device,” and then you receive energy back from that person which needs to be “grounded.” If you block the return—that is, if the circuit is incomplete and you get nothing back—the healing will not be effective. If you do not ground the energy you receive, the working may be effective, but you become the ground, resulting in the absorption, by you, of the negative charge on the energy from the person you were healing. Healers who do not know how to “ground” the energy often end up exhibiting the symptoms of the person they heal. See Also Grounding.