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Term: Cleromancy

1.  Divination by throwing runes, dice, or something similar.
SOURCE:  Shadow Magick Compendium, by Raven Digitalis

2.  Divination by the casting of lots, also called sortilege, or throwing dice. Actually the common flipping of a coin is a simple variation. An early form of dice was made from actual knucklebones of certain animals. Later forms were made of clay, ivory wood, and plastic. A single dye has six faces, and each face of the dye has from one to six dots. In dice divination, three dice of the same size are shaken between your hands or in a cup while thinking of your question or problem, and the number of dots shown on the dice landing face up is interpreted.

  • Three: foretells pleasant surprises
  • Four: foretells unpleasantness
  • Five: foretells good results
  • Six: foretells a loss
  • Seven: foretells money or business troubles, injurious gossip
  • Eight: foretells criticism
  • Nine: foretells a marriage or other union
  • Ten: foretells a birth, either of a child or a project
  • Eleven: foretells of a parting, which may be temporary
  • Twelve: foretells of an important message
  • Thirteen: foretells sorrow
  • Fourteen: foretells of new friendship or help from a friend
  • Fifteen: avoid starting anything new for three days
  • Sixteen: foretells of a pleasant journey
  • Seventeen: make a change in your plans
  • Eighteen: foretells success
AUTHOR:  Carl Llewellyn Weschcke