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Term: First Matter

1.  The original, unpurified material that is transformed in an alchemical operation. In physical alchemy, the first matter is lead; in spiritual alchemy, the unenlightened human.
SOURCE:  The Thoth Companion, by Michael Osiris Snuffin
2.  A mixture of the Serpent and the Menstrum. Used in alchemy and sex magick.
SOURCE:  Modern Magick, by Donald Michael Kraig

3.  Together, the effluvia of the Lion and the Eagle, is the "First Matter," the original Creation. This First Matter is to be transmuted by the magickal imagination, by aspiration and inspiration and by the "Fire" which is the ecstasy. Ecstasy is, as it were, the magickal fire for transforming all into inspiration and aspiration.

AUTHOR:  Carl Llewellyn Weschcke