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Term: Jupiter

Jupiter is in its rulership in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet that can tell you about processes in your life. On the physical level Jupiter relates to glandular function, specifically the liver. The sign and house placement indicate the general level of glandular function, and may indicate the most appropriate diet. Aspects to Jupiter can indicate the timing of diet and nutritional changes to achieve healthier processing within the body.

The same is true for the mind. Jupiter indicates a philosophical level of thinking. Its placement and aspects suggest how you relate to the world on the mental level, where you thoughts tend to expand, and how you approach new situations mentally. Jupiter reflects the area where you are most optimistic about life. It can also show where you can become extravagant or how you tend to exaggerate.

Jupiter also shows how you approach religious concepts. Do you examine the details Virgo style? Do you go with what is comfortable Taurus style? Jupiter shows how you come to understand the Universe and God, what inspires you to greater faith, and how you hold onto your beliefs once they have developed.

Jupiter is idealistic. Its placement and aspects show where idealism will take you during your life. Jupiter provides a reflection of how you pursue your mission in life. Here I am referring to your spiritual mission, but also to your career as that pertains to your spiritual development.

Jupiter reflects the human capacity for forgiveness. Each of us has a personal style where relationships are concerned, and each of us forgives the errors and differences in others. Jupiter’s placement and aspects show how we learn to forgive ourselves for weaknesses and mistakes as well. This is how we come to understand ourselves, not as vessels of perfect human expression, but rather as spiritually guided beings who seek our own most inspired, most confident, most successful expression. Jupiter allows us to indulge in excesses, while at the same time guiding us to our goals. This planet shows how your individual sense of humor works. Through Jupiter we come to understand humanity n general and ourselves in particular, both aspiring to be spiritually wise and understanding of self and others.
SOURCE:  What Astrology Can Do for You, Stephanie Clement