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Term: Reiki

1.  A form of “Universal Life Force Energy” which is similar to, but has different qualities from other forms of this energy such as Chi, Ki, or Prana. It is used mainly for healing. The system was made available by Mikao Usui who discovered it while searching in Buddhist scriptures to discover how Jesus was able to perform healings. One of his students, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, taught Hawayo Takata who opened a clinic in Hawaii, is credited with introducing Reiki to the West, and is the source of most Western Reiki practitioners.

Learning Reiki traditionally involved three “attunements” to the energy where you learn how to use the energy along with certain symbols that are used when doing a healing.
SOURCE:  Mastering Reiki, John Tompkins, Jr. (Llewellyn Publications)
2.  Spirit guided energy or life force used to promote healing.
SOURCE:  Sacred Path of Reiki, by Katalin Koda