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Queen of the Heavens Ritual

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Evergreen
Color of the day: Turquoise
Incense of the day: Evergreen

In this feast day of Mary's Annunciation, may we look upon the archetypal Virgin Mother as Queen of the Heavens, a modern guise of the goddess returning. Study Mary's image today. She stands upon a crescent Moon, her head crowned with a ring of stars, her robes a celestial blue. Her floral
symbol is the red rose of alchemy. She is the divine feminine who gives birth to the returning light; she is heaven's queen, Isis incarnate. Place a red rose upon your altar today in honor of Mary and of the sacred feminine principle. Meditate today on the hidden strengths of compassion and grace. Reclaim the archetypal virgin within you. Virgin originally signified "a woman unto herself," or a woman complete. Envision yourself complete, and write down your dreams and aspirations.
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