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Grape Harvest Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus
Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Eucalyptus

The harvest begun at Lammas continues through Samhain. Today is a day to celebrate the grape harvest. You don't need to get drunk and turn into a Manaed to celebrate this harvest. Red wine often substitutes for blood in ritual, and blood equals life. Perform libations today with red wine, giving thanks for your life. Look back on your year, and give thanks for all the progress you've made, for where you are on your journey, and for what comes ahead. You can perform libations in your yard, or, if you don't have a yard, use a special pot of earth kept for ritual work. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine you've never tried. If you don't drink alcohol, substitute grape juice or an actual bunch of grapes. Dance, sing, and go out for a luxurious dinner with friends. Let today be about thanks and joy. Let that joy carry you into your future.
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