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Both Sides Now Spell

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Musk
Color of the day: Green
Incense of the day: Musk

The Full Moon in Gemini can help us see ourselves in more than one aspect. How do you usually describe yourself-as a "brain," or as a "jock"? Now is the time to strip away any stereotypical images we have of ourselves and see another side of our nature. Take a cleansing bath with lavender or your favorite herb. Dress in white and imagine yourself as a clean slate. Sit and visualize what you would like to see written on that slate. Imagine yourself doing activities that you would like to do but haven't yet attempted. See yourself as a well-rounded person, and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments-no matter how they may come across to others. Promise yourself that you will not judge yourself by others' yardsticks. Make a list of areas of your life that need more attention. Now see yourself as twins doing two separate activities-for example, reading a book alone and charming friends at a party. Slowly visualize the two persons becoming one complete individual. Review this visualization whenever you feel the need for more balance in your life.
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