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Thor's Hammer Spell

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Balsam
Color of the day: Green
Incense of the day: Balsam

Today is the Feast of Thor. Well, this worked out nicely. This date falls on a Thursday, the day of the week that is named after Thor. Thor is a popular Norse god, whom the people call on for protection and to be blessed with fertility and abundance. Today you have a perfect opportunity to work magic for prosperity with Thor. However, since this festival day falls on a waning Moon, this spell calls for the removal of worry and monetary problems. This spell will hammer out any problems for you quite nicely.

Under this steamy August evening's waning Moon,
Thor, remove all blocks to my prosperity soon.
I call instead for prosperity true,
Thor, please guard and
protect all that I do.
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