Car Safety Blessing

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Violet
This is a good spell to perform before you travel on snowy days. Find or make a talisman to hang from your car mirror. Some good forms to use are a horseshoe shape, a miniature shield, or a loved one's picture. Hold it in your hand and walk around your car, brushing the talisman against it. Call the directions and then start to walk in a clockwise circle around your vehicle. Call upon the goddess Soteria:
Great Goddess Soteria, she who keeps the traveler safe
Preserver of life, please bless this charm.
Keep this vessel and all who travel within
Free from harm, free from harm, free from harm.
End by climbing into the car and hanging the talisman from the mirror. These talismans can be made for others and make a great Yule gift for those who love to travel.
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