A Prayer to the Sun

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Lilac
Many magicians and Witches fancy aligning themselves to the cosmic energies upon waking.
To carry on this tradition, get some incense-burning charcoal-not the stuff used in BBQ pits-and a tray with sand to place it on.
Go outside when you wake up for the day (or when the Sun is high) and ignite the charcoal.
Place either chamomile or frankincense on the ember, and offer it to the Sun. Waft its smoke to the mighty Star of Stars, and think about the reasons why you are grateful for its cosmic light.
Once you've made your offering, set the charcoal down or extinguish it (to ensure it doesn't start a fire!), and hold your hands to the Sun.
Form a triangle with your hands by touching your thumbs together and touching your pointer fingers together.
Hold this triangle up to the Sun, framing it. Take in six deep breaths, envisioning the sunlight funneling through the frame and into your body. Once finished, bathe under the Sun for as long as you'd like.
Repeat this every morning for as long as you please!
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