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The Goddess Is Alive

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon
The hummingbirds flash among the red shaggy heads of monarda, tomatoes-still green-fatten on the vine, and as the fingers of dusk glide over the hills, fireflies twinkle above the lawn. Growth and maturity are everywhere; the pace of the year begins to ease. The Goddess casts her spell over the land now as we approach the miracle of the harvest. July pulses with life. Take a break from your hectic schedule today, and be fully aware of the magic the Goddess surrounds us with at this time of year. Stand barefoot in the grass and ground yourself. Feel as if roots are growing from your feet into Mother Earth. You are now part of this season, the time of year the Old Ones called "the Ripening." In mid-July the song of summer is at its height. Look around you-the Goddess is alive and magic is afoot.
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