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Protection Spell for the Children

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Balsam
As we start our preparations for the children returning to school, here is a small spell working to set up some safe practices with a little extra magical "push." I love the black stones you can purchase at hobby shops. It is not unusual for kids to have stones in their pockets either, because they almost always have "stuff" in their pockets.
Create a "protection" stone; a plain black stone anointed with a "protection" oil of your choice. I draw a pentacle on the stone in the oil with my finger and bless in moonlight. Give it to your child and call it a "remembering" stone. They can "remember" not to approach strangers near the school or while traveling to and from school, and they can "remember" to watch traffic when crossing the streets. Pick your favorite things your child needs to remember and give them the stone for their pocket to help them remember to be safe.
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