Scarf Spell for Protection

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Basil
For this spell, any scarf or shawl will do. Choose one you already own that you like to wear or buy one that appeals to you - perhaps one that is decorated with magical symbols. Another option is to use a pin or brooch to accent a scarf and add magical symbolism. But a plain scarf will work just fine, too. Empower it so that when you wrap it around you, you can feel the protective energy.
First, shake it out in sunlight and be sure that it's clean, removing any unwanted energy. Hold the scarf and chant:

"Wrap around, scarf be bound.
by this spell, seal it well.
Safely guard, deflect harm.
Shelter me, let it be."

Visualize the scarf as a shield to deflect unwanted energy or to keep from attracting unwanted attention. You can also use this spell for a belt - just substitute the word.
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