Egg-cently Banish Negativity

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Patchouli
A time-honored practice for cleansing negativity, and for personal divination, makes use of a single egg. For this magic, you will want to acquire some all-natural, ethically produced, eco-friendly eggs. (Factory-farmed batter-cage eggs are latent with animal suffering.) Take an egg and rub it all over your body, or have a friend do this and switch off with a new egg. While rubbing the egg gently on your body, visualize the astral murk on your aura entering the egg, safely contained and removed from your body. When finished, crack the egg in a clear glass jar and gaze at the patterns. When scrying, pay attention to any significant or symbolic shapes that form in the yolk and white. Ask yourself how this pattern or image applies to your life and the energies you've just removed. Finally, pour the contents at the base of a tree and throw the eggshell behind your back to banish the negativity.
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