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Samhain Fire Magic

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel
On Samhain Eve in old Europe, the home fires were extinguished and great bonfires were lit in the countryside. The fires on cottage hearths would then be rekindled by embers from the village bonfires.
This was done to symbolize that the fires would continue through the dark of winter. Fires were used to purify and destroy old habits, or anything negative, so everything would be cleansed in readiness for the new year. Fire was also used to light the way for the spirits that would be traveling during the night of this Great Sabbat. A remnant of this is still with us when we illuminate a jack-o'-lantern. To perform Fire magic at Samhain, light one orange and one black candle. The orange candle represents the last harvest. The black candle honors your ancestors. As the candles burn, meditate. Think about your connections to the past, and focus on the path you wish to follow during the coming year.
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