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Saturnalia Begins

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
Today marks the beginning of the Roman celebration of Saturnalia, one of the roots of the Christmas celebration. This festival lasted about a week. It was intended to honor the god Saturn and included giving gifts and general merry-making, in addition to role reversal.
To kick off your season of holiday celebrations, make Saturnalia gifts for your friends and family members.
In many cultures, boughs of evergreen represent everlasting life.
Create mini boughs of pine, cedar, and holly to hang in the home. Tie them together with red ribbon and decorate them as you choose. Attach a tag with the following message to each one you give away, offering blessings for the season.

"Blessings for your home and hearth,
Joyful times of love and warmth.
Family and friends be near,
Wishing you delight and cheer."
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