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The Chariot Spell

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Neroli
The Chariot card in the tarot is about moving onward and upward. Pulling it are four animals, representing the elements.
Combining them guarantees victory.
Place four candles in a circle: blue for air, red for fire, green for water, and brown for earth. In the center, set a white candle for spirit. Beside the blue candle, place an empty glass. Next to red, a burnt match. For green, a glass of water. For brown, a saucer of dirt. And for white, a small wooden bowl.
Light all five candles. Starting with air, breathe into the empty glass and dump the air into the center bowl. Then place the match (fire) in the bowl, followed by the glass of water (water) and the dirt (earth). Combine the ingredients in a slow clockwise stir as you say:

"Elements and Spirit, light my way.
Bring me success from this day.
Send me every victory.
Elements and Spirit, hear my plea."

Blow out all the candles, whispering thank you.
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