Howl at the Moon!

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Clove
Gather your witchy buddies together for an evening, and head for a local forest, field, or other wild setting where there's no curfew. The moon, just three days now from the full, should be rising in the evening in the Northern Hemisphere (check for details in your own region), so she's perfectly timed for a lively rite of wildness. Have a nice dinner, then take some cakes and ale out with you and your cohorts to the agreed-upon location. Tell them:

"This ritual is a non-ritual. Nothing is
written or planned, other than letting
our wild selves out to romp. No judgment
or guilt allowed."

Then set the example for them by beginning yourself with singing, stomping, clapping, drumming, chanting, or simply tipping up your chin and howling at the Lady's lustrous form. Open yourself to your wild side and allow ... run, dance, skip, jump, act like a fool. Get drunk on her moonshine, and be blessed!
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