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June Moon Love Spell

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Bayberry
Life's meaning begins and ends with love, and while June's full Strawberry Moon can certainly be romantic, it can also be a time to recharge your love for yourself. Remember how lovable you are with this ritual. You will need red rose petals and a ripe strawberry.
Stand under the full moon. Take a handful of rose petals (June's full moon is also known as Rose Moon) and, moving clockwise, scatter them in a circle around yourself. When the circle is complete, call out:

"Love I deserve,
With no reserve,
From others and from me.
This I remember, blessed be!"

Look at the strawberry and be aware of its heart shape. See it as the embodiment of love-and take a bite. Feel the prickle of the seeds on your tongue, and taste its sweetness. Know that you are surrounded by love and that it dwells inside you.
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