Spell of Nine Knots

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Narcissus
Now, as the veil thins and all of our gardens have been gathered in, it's time to look at what we've been holding on to that we no longer need in this darkening year. Take a section of black yarn or cording and tie into it nine knots. With each knot, think deeply of all your attachments, all those things you know you needn't be holding on to-your resentments, your worries, your fears. Focus your energies on those things that "knot you up" and bind you to pain and negativity. For the next nine nights, until the moon is new again, untie one knot each, and promise yourself you will let go of that particular energy pattern. When the spell is done, allow yourself to feel new and free again, and open to the energies of the season. Be blessed and be free.
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