Charm Bag to Banish Nightmares

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Heliotrope
Bad dreams can ruin the whole day. A fast fix for recurring nightmares is to make a charm bag with ingredients to ensure pleasant dreams. To create this charm, take a small square of fabric, preferably dark blue, purple, or black. Add a pinch of dried rosemary, anise seeds, and mullein leaves to the center of the fabric, plus some small citrine and amethyst stones. Hold the bundle in both hands while visualizing indigo-blue light streaming into it from your third eye. Tie the bundle shut with black cord to capture the energy. Focus the intent with this spell:

"Blocked and dissolved, the nightmares end,
Broken sleep does hereby mend.
Restoring peace and calm and rest,
Through each night, my (their) sleep is blessed."

Place the bag under the mattress so it can radiate its energy without migrating around the bed.
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