Spell for Courage and Protection

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Basil
For this spell, you will need these ingredients:


Devil's shoestring



A small carnelian bead

A cotton tea bag

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

A red candle and holder

A tealight candle

Assemble all the spell components on your altar. Call in any protective deities or entities you're friendly with. Explain your situation and why you need courage and protection. Focus on that goal, and channel that energy into your spell components.
Put the herbs and carnelian bead into the cotton bag. Tie the bag shut using a triple knot, then tie the string around the bag to create a little package.
Anoint the candles with the Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. Light the red candle from a tealight, and put it in its holder.
Let the candles burn all the way down. Thank any deities or spirits you called on earlier, and bid them farewell. Now carry the bag with you until the situation is resolved.
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