Hearth Blessing

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Lavender
It's the season of returning indoors, putting bare feet back into shoes, hanging up bathing suits, and putting on clothes. Kids return to school, and adults return to work and routines.
Transitioning indoors, bless your home and hearth. Scatter a pinch of salt in front of each of your entrances, opening the doors wide, saying:

"Goddesses bless this home and all who enter. Protect the people, spirits, and place."

Light a sage stick. Walk through each room, fanning the smoke:

"Gods cleanse this home, purify and bless. May only good spirits dwell here."

At the heart of the home (you decide where that is), smudge carefully:

"Goddesses and Gods reside here. Protect, love, nurture, and guide here."

Extinguish the sage, and carefully go to close all the doors. As doors close, know that your hearth is blessed, ready for the indoor season:

"We're blessed and protected inside our home."
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