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A Sticky Spell for Protection

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Yarrow
For this protection spell, you'll need a pound of powdered or icing sugar, a jar with a shaker top (a Parmesan cheese–type jar is awesome), and something small that is personal to you, such as a ring or a hair tie. Put the item in the jar with the sugar. Focusing on establishing a boundary, start walking the perimeter of your property, shaking out a little bit of the sugar with every step. Make sure you'll have enough to go all the way around your property line. Once you've completed the circuit, go back in your house. Envision energy rising up out of the sugar and meeting over the center of your house, like an invisible tent. Anyone wishing you harm is going to get stuck in the sugary stickiness, while those bringing you goodness will be able to pass through freely.
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