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Ancestral Ceremony

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Pine
In the early morning, sit at your ancestral altar or before your family mantel. Concentrate on the photos of your family; focus on those who have crossed over. When you are ready to begin, clap your hands once to summon all of your genetic ancestors. While they are visiting, burn sandalwood or frankincense incense to bless them. Talk openly and freely about your hopes, dreams, fears, or troubles.

Speak fondly of any ancestors you have memories of. Think back to the times you shared. Finally, burn ancestral money paper-blank checks and copied bank statements-to transmute earthly wealth into spiritual currency for your ancestors to use in the afterlife. Clap your hands to end the ceremony.

For further luck, bless a bowl of fresh fruit with the incense smoke and then share the fruit with family and friends throughout the day.
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