Honoring Loss, Opening to Fullness

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Pine
There are times in our lives when things are taken from us, when we let things go. These are also sacred times of witness. Here is a process to honor the transition from loss into fullness again.

Create a symbol and draw or paint it on black paper with white ink or chalk to represent your loss. Then draw a symbol on white paper in black color to represent opening to fullness. Enter a state of meditation and spend time gazing at and holding each of the symbols on their own, then notice how they feel in relationship to each other. Begin to allow your consciousness to shift into a trance state. There is a doorway between these symbols, or perhaps you will just know what to do or how to surrender in order for the transition to take place. Take three deep breaths of grounding and power. Burn both pieces of paper together in a heatproof container.
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