Herbal Harvest Spell

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Sage
Herbal magicks can empower your spells, particularly if you harvest and prepare them yourself. For this spell, you'll need gathering tools (a sharp boline or plant shears, a shovel), plant food or organic fertilizer, and pure water.

Identify the living plant or tree you wish to use, making sure it is nontoxic and not imperiled. Using a ritual tool or your finger, cast a magick circle around the plant, asking for protection from earth, air, fire, and water. Ask Gaia for permission to gather the plant:

"Mother Gaia, bringer and sustainer
of life, I ask to harvest from this plant
for my magickal purposes, taking only
what I need. I bring this offering."

Scatter plant food or fertilizer around the plant's base. Wait for a sign giving an answer to your request. Then gather only what you need from the plant, and before leaving, make a second offering of water to the plant. Close the circle, give thanks to the plant's spirit, and depart.
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