An Onion Spell to Peel Away Pain

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bayberry
Pain is multi-layered. Peel it away with this magical working. You'll need a pen, an onion-and maybe some tissues.

Write your fear, issue, or problem on the onion. Don't try to analyze it, just write the first words that come to mind. Visualize it, then peel away the words and the first layer of skin. Now search your heart and see what rises to the surface. Write that on the exposed skin, visualize it, and peel it off. Continue exposing layers and writing down the revelations that come with each pass, then peel them away. Speak each revelation as you write it. Peeling the onion may make you cry, but this isn't a bad thing; tears are cleansing.

When only the onion's core is left, bury it and all of the layers, letting the earth purify the energy at the heart of your dilemma.
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