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A Strawberry Love Spell

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Hyssop
Fresh strawberries, which can be found in many areas at this time of year, should be used for this spell. Strawberries are ruled by Venus, which makes them the perfect love food to serve your romantic partner. First, decide how you wish to serve the strawberries. As you prepare them, say this charm:

"Strawberries, sacred food of Venus,
Protect our love, let nothing come between us.
For you, I prepare this fruit, the color of sweetest wine,
For always I am yours, and you are mine.
From my loving hands to your passionate lips,
May this fruit light the flame of desire you can't resist."

Serve this fruit of passion and love on the prettiest dishes you have. If you need an extra bit of punch-in other words, lust-garnish the strawberries with a sprig of fresh mint. As an alternative, you could serve strawberries dipped in chocolate.
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