Write an Inspirational Charm

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
Elemental fire is associated with inspiration. We "light up" with an idea or "get fired up" to do some task. While inspiration brings rewards in every part of our lives, sometimes we find ourselves running low. Is it time to relight your creative fires?

Appeal to Brigid for inspiration and set yellow, indigo, and violet candles (the colors of the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras) on your altar. (If you don't know much about the chakras, go online and learn more.) Leave room on the altar for a clean sheet of paper. Using your favorite pen, write this charm:

"Hey diddle dandles,
By the light of these candles-
I'm inspired to write what I know:

Fill in the last line of the charm. If you can make it rhyme, it will be easier to remember, but rhyme and meter are less important than writing what you truly know.
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