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First Mother's Solar Eclipse Ritual

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Ylang-Ylang
A new moon solar eclipse strikes wonder and awe. Unfortunately, it is also associated with discord. In Benin and Togo, first mothers Kuiyecoke and Puka Puka worked to end fighting among the villagers. No one listened. To get their attention, they darkened the sun with the moon. The frightened villagers took note and made peace offerings to bring back the light.

Grains have been shared in community since the olden days. Today, make three quick loaves, such as banana bread, tea cake, and cornbread.

Bring the first loaf to a friend with whom you'd like to make peace, at 10:55:13 a.m. EDT, for this is the first moment that the partial eclipse will be experienced.

At 12:01:08 p.m. EDT, bring a loaf to a family member with whom you've had a squabble.

Finally, at 1:22:57 p.m. EDT, the time of maximum eclipse, bring a loaf to a neighbor with whom you've had a misunderstanding. These gestures from the heart will reestablish balance and peace among those concerned.
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