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Protection Stars

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Marjoram
These rustic stars act as home protection amulets.

You will need:
* 4 black stones or rocks, of any kind (You can find these on the ground; they
do not need to be a gemstone or crystal.)
* White or silver paint
* A paintbrush
* 2 white candles and holders

Paint a five-pointed star on each black stone in white or silver. Gather the stones on your altar between the two lit white candles and say:

"Stones of black
And blessing star,
Protect [insert name of object, such
as “our house” or “our property”]
From all harm."

Place one stone each in the north, south, east, and west corners of your home, a room, or your yard. Stash these amulets around your house, vehicle, or office, or carry one in your wallet or school bag.
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