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Peace Powder

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lily
The Ludi Romani (Roman Games) was an ancient festival that usually included multiple ceremonies (ludi), starting in early September. The ludi of this time are in honor of Jupiter.

For this spell you will need lightning water, which is rainwater gathered during a thunderstorm. The lightning bolt is Jupiter’s most feared symbol. It has useful applications in many magickal paths, including Hoodoo. In Hoodoo, lightning water is used as a floor wash to bring fast change and for protection and strength.

Today, make your own Jupiter floor wash. First, sweep your kitchen or living room floor with your magickal besom.

Using a mop or sponge, wet down the floor with lightning water. As you spiritually cleanse the floor, chant:

"Son of Saturn,
God of light,
God of peace,
Giver of victory,
Lord of the sky,
Jupiter Optimus Maximus,
I honor you and welcome
the power you bring.
Blessed be!"
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