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Home Renovation

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Juniper

Is there a place in your home that needs a makeover? Can you finally create your sacred space? Be sure to include magic and feng shui in the transformation: walls painted a color corresponding to the bagua, perhaps new trim to represent completion, new flooring for a firm foundation, or old and new furnishings to honor the past and welcome the future.

When all is done, cleanse the space of the former energy, the vibes of the workers, and the paint/flooring fumes. After that casting, keep a piece of selenite handy. Decorate to enhance the use of the room: calm accents if the room will be slept in, something bright for the kitchen, and books and technology for the home office. Chant:

A room of my own, a sacred
space; cleansed and cozy, not
an inch will I waste.
Romance, family, travel, prosperity;
every corner holds opportunity.

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