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Take a Break

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

Halloween is over, Samhain has passed, and the Day of the Dead is gone. After all the revelry, we may be a bit worn out.

Today, take a break. Although we are gearing down, the rest of the world is just getting started for the upcoming holidays. Say no to the world, just for today.

Give yourself permission not to answer your phone, check email, or log into social media accounts. If someone comes to your door, pretend you’re not home!

Stay in your pajamas. Go out without combing your hair. If that bothers you, put on a hat. Watch favorite movies or read a book. Be kind to yourself, because before you know it, the wheel will turn and you’ll be back, running here and there, to and fro, again!

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